Shared Or Dedicated Hosting – Which Option Should You Go With?

You are probably already aware of what web hosting is, though it doesn’t hurt to refresh the mind. Web hosting is the service that allows you to publish your site on an internet space for the general public to view or just individuals you invite. Before you get to the part of picking your web hosting, you will have to choose your specific domain name and have it registered. You can pick whether to keep your individual domain name private, which will block people from finding out your information. When you arrive to choosing the hosting plan for your website, you will generally face 2 common options: a shared hosting or a dedicated server hosting.

The option you finally go with depends on the control level you demand. You also need to think about the security level you need, as well as the sum of disk space for your site.


Share Web Hosting
When choosing the shared server hosting option, you will be sharing the hosting server with different websites. You will also have to share an identical IP address. Shared hosting is definitely the most popular option for fresh site owners and small businesses that aren’t receiving high traffic and don’t need large disk space.
There is also far less responsibility when dealing with shared servers. The web hosting firm generally looks after the security and maintenance of the server and fixes any issues. They also take care of the installations and updates. They typically make use of an easy control panel that allows webmasters to simply upload their files to the site and control everything.

Dedicated Web Hosting
Dedicated server web hosting means that you will possess your own server, which isn’t shared with any other website. You should go with this type of serve if you expect high amount of website traffic. A dedicated server means that your site loads much faster and is easily accessibly by high amount of viewers. In addition, it provides your visitors better security, making it much more useful when taking credit cards or other payments.

You will enjoy much more website control with the dedicated type of web hosting, however it will also involve additional responsibility in order to make sure your website is running smoothly. It is definitely worth researching the dedicated server hosting option if you plan to launch a big website, or a site for a well-established organization.