Be Cautious When Going For A Free Web Hosting Service


When discussing something that is free of charge, the first thing that pops to mind is why pay money for something that you can receive for free? And when it comes to free web hosting, there are tons of places to get just that.

When searching for a free or paid provider of web hosting, then you must base your ultimate decision on your site’s purpose and nature. Paid hosting is an absolute necessity for some websites, since it provides additional space and various important features. Free web hosting is typically supported by advertisements and possesses limited functionality. Both types will manage to host your website, but you must think wisely before choosing the option that fits you best.

Is Free Web Hosting Really For You?

If you’re in the web design or development field, then you’ve probably begun to consider transferring to a paid hosting company, if you haven’t already. Free web hosting is indeed free, but chances are that you’ll leave them frustrated. Let’s take a look at some factors that may contribute to this experience:

Domain Name Is this the URL that you truly desire for your website? For web hosting companies require that you use a sub-domain or provide you a certain folder on their server. Folders and sub domains are not ideal for landing pages, making them a whole lot more difficult to remember. Paid hosting services enable you to make use of your private domain names.
Popup Ads, Banner Ads, and more!
Most of the free hosting services rely solely on advertisements for revenue. Your website may possess many undesired ads on every single one of your pages. These advertisements can decrease the way your specific page is perceived and may prevent those unique visitors from ever returning!
Far Less Uptime?
Many of the free hosting services comes with plenty of downtime. Their subscribers aren’t paying for the service, which makes the hosts feel that they have no obligation for dependability and quality. Always remember that these hosting companies are functioning on quite a small budget, meaning that they must cut expenses and this is often associated with their support team. If dissatisfied users arise, those free web hosts rarely get bothered.
Limitations, Limitations, Limitations..
Where to start? Disk space, speed, data transfer, file types, and so on. In other words, in order to remain profitable, the free hosting service is hoping that you make use of very little resources and get have high traffic to your site to support their advertisements. What occurs if you ever surpass their expectations? You will get halted or your website will be removed without prior notice.

At the end of the day, free web hosting services will always remain just that – free. There aren’t any shortcuts to quality hosting, you get what you pay for. In today’s hosting era, where hosting packages are lower than ever before, you can definitely manage to find some change in your pocket to cover that small expense, can’t you?